Monday, July 7, 2008

Low-Carb at the Movies

Analyst Maxwell Smart is briefing agents at the secret U.S. government spy agency CONTROL. What does it mean, he asks rhetorically, that agents at the enemy terrorist organization KAOS have been overheard discussing muffins?

His answer: "Muffins are comfort food. Why would they eat comfort food unless they were nervous about something?"

Hmmm. Where did that come from? In this summer's theater version of the old TV series, "Get Smart," we learn that that the handsome and heroic secret agent Maxwell Smart was once very fat. When his partner, Agent 99, tells him that she used to look like her mom, Max responds, "I used to look like two of my moms, put together."

Flashbacks show us that, in order to advance from analyst to agent, Smart had to lose 150 pounds. And how did he do it? By low-carbing. References to low-carbing and to the fact that big people have feelings, too, abound throughout the movie.

Would-you-believe that low-carbing has again reached the mainstream? Probably not, but seeing it discussed in a serious way on the big screen is certainly is an encouraging development.


vcanfield said...

Also in "The Devil Wears Prada", Emily is complaining about the outfits Andy will be getting when she is chosen to go to Paris and she says, "You don't deserve them, I mean you eat carbs, for Chrissake!"

Stargazey said...

Aha! It's a trend!